Guide to AI Image Generators

What can I do with AI image generators?

  • You can mimic the styles of famous artists.
  • You can combine shapes, colors, scenes, styles and more.
  • You can generate high-quality, realistic images of anything, anywhere.
  • You can fine-tune them with various models, algorithms and techniques.
  • You can train AI image generators using themed datasets to get themed images.

Which generators are free to use?

What are the best AI image generators?

How do AI image generators work?

AI image generators use two neural networks to draw realistic images. “The Generator” and “The Discriminator” are trained on human-made image datasets to learn about various styles and content. 

“The Generator” tries to match the output with the prompt by mixing those styles and content. 

“The Discriminator” evaluates the output and tells “The Generator” to try again if the image looks too “fake” to be created by humans. 

On each cycle, “The Generator” becomes better at generating realistic art and tricking “The Discriminator”. 

While “The Discriminator” is getting better at detecting fake images. In the end, “The Generator” creates an image that “The Discriminator” thinks is real. That’s where the AI image generator becomes capable of producing art that is on par with art made by humans.

Can I sell AI-generated images?

It is unclear if selling AI-generated images is allowed. While image marketplaces and AI image generators allow the commercial use of generated images, there are legal risks to consider. Such as inability to invoke the “fair use” principle when selling AI-generated derivatives of copyrighted and trademarked images.

At the same time, Zarya of the Dawn might be the first ever case of AI-generated art getting copyright protection under US laws.

Will artificial intelligence replace humans?

While AI image generators are great at generating art, they lack the depth of thought that goes into making it. MKBHD wondered if AI could replace their graphic designer Tim McMahon

It turns out that it’s not enough to just generate what you’re told to. What’s more, they can’t yet recreate complex techniques used by professional graphic designers. Such as creating negative space logos

At the same time, they might disrupt many creative industries. See “Disrupt creative industries” prediction. Pieter Levels got an email from a 3D designer saying that Interior AI would put him out of business. Digital artists and designers are unable to reach AI’s creativity and production bandwidth.

How to create an avatar of myself?

Use these:

  • Avatar AI lets you create AI-generated avatars.
  • PhotoAI lets you choose effects for your AI-generated avatars.
  • DogPicture.AI lets you create perfect pictures of your beloved dog.
  • AI Headshot Generator lets you create digital avatars in any scene or style.
  • helps you create eye-catching profile pictures in just a few clicks.
  • ProfilePicture.AI lets you generate AI-powered avatars for people, dogs and cats.

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