⭐ 27 SaaS Marketing Tips 🎙️Text-to-Podcast Tool ⚖️ Opportunity Cost of Everything

This week’s Founder Finds includes:

  • A habit tracker app
  • 5 bootstrapping questions
  • An image editor for founders
  • 27 SaaS marketing strategies
  • Understanding opportunity costs
  • How to prioritize profit in your business
  • How to create mind maps with ChatGPT
  • A tool that turns blog posts into podcasts
  • And more…

🪶 Remember This

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

🤓 Fav Finds

Tools, tweets and more from Trends Pro Members

🎙️ Recast shared by Stewart Townsend
A tool that turns long blog posts into interview-styled audio

🐦 BrandBird shared by Mac Martine
An image and screenshot editor for social media posts

💰 Profit First shared by Wit S
A book about a cash management system with an emphasis on profit

📘 Read This

The Opportunity Cost of Everything

“Opportunity cost” occurs when you choose one option and lose potential gain from other options. These costs come with every decision that you make: what to do, where to live, how to spend money and more.

Jack Raines says your biggest opportunity cost is your life. Where each decision defines your destination.

🌟 Founder of the Week

Jesper Delporte

“The accountability and support that comes with the daily stand-ups and masterminds in Trends Pro is amazing. The masterminds hold you accountable for your weekly and longer-term goals while the stand-ups hold you accountable for the daily tasks you set out to do. What’s more, you get support from like-minded people that give valuable feedback on the problems you encounter on your journey as an entrepreneur.”

Jesper is building Cheegs. Combining purposeful collarless design and high-tech fabrics to offer men a comfortable and modern alternative to the old-fashioned and inconvenient collared dress shirts. Jesper is also a member of Trends Mastermind #0007.

What’s your most important habit?
A very basic habit that is often overlooked is to drink 2.5 liters of water a day. I use the free Habit Tracker by Davetech Co. to track my progress. Definitely recommended.

What are you reading right now?
Play Bigger by Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Peterson and Kevin Maney

Heard about ‘Category Design’ on Christopher Lochhead’s podcast and was interested in learning more about it so I decided to read his book. Great read so far!

What product are you obsessively using right now?
Notion. It’s the most amazing tool to organize my projects and thoughts.

What are you bullish on?
The surfing industry. The global interest is growing and you can see that there’s more and more surf camps and surf schools popping up everywhere. The travel/surf lifestyle is also trending on social media amongst the younger generations.

What are you bearish on?
Collared dress shirts and ties. People are looking for more comfort and convenience in clothing. As business dress codes are changing for the better, collared dress shirts and ties will remain something that is worn only on special occasions instead of being a ‘standard’ in the office.

What’s your favorite Trends Report?
🧳 Digital Nomads

I’ve always been attracted to the nomadic lifestyle and as a passionate surfer coming from a small village with no ocean, it is important for me to be able to work from anywhere to engage in my passion. This report has a lot of valuable information about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Exclusive Deal: Jesper is offering Trends.vc readers 20% off any size order on Cheegs with the code TRENDS20.

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27 SaaS Marketing Strategies

With limited time and money, you should choose the right marketing channels for your startup. From email marketing to growth hacking. These 27 strategies will help you find the best marketing channels to grow your SaaS.

🎧 Listen To

Your Bootstrapping Questions

Seth Godin is answering 5 questions on bootstrapping a business, including:

  • Is an audience an asset?
  • How to bootstrap a craft business?
  • How to sell painkillers to someone who doesn’t feel pain?

🏆 Trends Pro Member Wins

👥 Brenton Price, Anna Karydi, Errol Tiozon and Drew Giovannoli unlocked 1:1 Founder Intros by joining daily standups

🕸️ Marcos Gorgojo launched a tool that turns ChatGPT responses into mind maps

⚙️ Elie Steinbock made a video on how to implement business processes

🚀 Chandler Woodward launched MediaAcquire on Product Hunt

🤖 Jose Bermejo launched an AI-assisted marketing strategy course

🧭 Bernardt J. Vogel reached 3,200 subscribers for Curious Compass

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