🎑 Creator Flywheels πŸ’° $1.3M Business Model 🌐 AI Search Engine

This week’s Founder Finds includes:

  • 10 common mind traps
  • A list of 35 AI newsletters
  • How to productize your skills
  • Examples of creator flywheels
  • A meditation guide for beginners
  • An AI chatbot with access to the internet
  • A book about the problems of modern society
  • And more…

πŸͺΆ Remember This

Be nicer to your customers than your competitors.

πŸ€“ Fav Finds

Tools, tweets and more from Trends Pro Members

🌐 Perplexity.ai shared by Jose Bermejo
An AI chatbot and search engine that finds and summarizes online data

🧘 Struggling to Meditate? shared by Wit S
A blog post by Wit S sharing his meditation tips for beginners

🌍 What’s Our Problem? shared by Albert Poghosyan
A book from the creator of Wait But Why about the problems of modern society

πŸ“˜ Read This

10 Common Mind Traps

Mind traps are irrational thought patterns that lead to bad decisions.

  • Mind Reading: You β€œknow” what others think of you.
  • Catastrophizing: You always jump to the worst-case scenario.
  • Negative Filtering: You see the bad things and ignore the good ones.

🌟 Founder of the Week

Vikash Kumar Prajapati

β€œI have been a Trends.vc subscriber since the very beginning and I always wanted to upgrade to Trends Pro. I understand the significance of being part of a community of builders and high-performing individuals. I’m eager to join Masterminds and reap the benefits of this amazing community.”

Vikash is building Bulk Mockup. A photoshop plugin that helps print-on-demand sellers automate and scale mockup creation.

What’s your most important habit?
Yoga and meditation. They help me kickstart my day full of energy.

What are you reading right now?
Sadhguru: More Than A Life by Arundhathi Subramaniam

I recently had a very pleasant experience staying at the Isha Foundation. So I grabbed this book to learn more about how it all began.

What product or service do you wish existed?
I wish there was an app that could automatically track all my transactions across all my accounts, sort and record them. Then generate relevant reports. Keeping track of my personal and professional finances has always been my weakness.

What product are you obsessively using right now?
Midjourney. I have been using it a lot lately. It’s fascinating to see how one technology could disrupt so many industries.

What are you bullish on?
The AI revolution. Many industries have been shaken. There are tons of opportunities for solopreneurs like us to build the next BIG thing.

What are you bearish on?
The food processing industry. With growing awareness of health consciousness among consumers and their shift towards natural choices, it’s not distant that the food processing industry will face an uphill battle.

What’s your favorite Trends Report?
🧱 No-Code

I’m not a programmer. I always felt helpless when I had some ideas that I wanted to execute. This particular report gave me confidence that I can build a solution without coding.

Exclusive Deal: Vikash is offering Trends.vc readers 15% off all products and subscription on Bulk Mockup using the code β€œTRENDS”.

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I Make $1.3M/Year With One Skill

Brett Williams runs a million-dollar, one-person design business.

He talks about how to productize yourself, pricing strategy, client management and more.

πŸ”§ Try This

Creator Flywheels

Creator flywheels help you get more customers, make more money and save more time.

Learn how to build an effective flywheel where each task flows smoothly into the next one. Helping you grow your blog, newsletter, podcast and more.

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πŸ‘₯ Barbara du Perron and Harrison Wong unlocked 1:1 Founder Intros by joining daily standups

πŸ’Œ Meiko S. Patton collected the 35 best AI newsletters on Beehiiv

πŸ“Ÿ Asad Dhamani built IndieCalculator

πŸ“Š Mehmet Gonullu hosted a business building workshop

πŸ’‘ Jordan Divecha started a new season of her podcast, Everyday Innovation

πŸ€– Marc Fletcher launched the waitlist for Owndraft

πŸ’Ό Hj Barraza hired a full team to scale Contxto

🧠 Jakub Nowikowski unlocked Trends.vc Masterminds by reaching a 30-day standup streak

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