Voice Cloning: Scaling Podcasts, AI-Generated Music, Becoming Immortal

“The voice is a fingerprint of the soul.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

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❓ What You’ll Learn

  • How is voice cloning being used?
  • How to become immortal?
  • How to clone artists’ voices?
  • What are digital twins?
  • How to use voice cloning to scale a podcast?
  • How to build an audio content machine?
  • How can voice cloning help you reach new audiences?
  • How to narrate an audiobook with a cloned voice?

💎 Why It Matters

Voice cloning lets you create audio at scale.

🔍 Problem

Your ability to create content is limited by time, energy and physical conditions.

You need to eat, sleep and rest. You’re mortal.

💡 Solution

Voice cloning helps you build an audio content machine that works anytime, anywhere

Even once you’re gone.

🏁 Players

Voice Cloning Tools

  • ElevenLabs • Realistic voice cloning for creators and publishers
  • Descript • Realistic voice cloning
  • Deepsync • Clone your voice and vocal nuance
  • Respeecher • Voice cloning for filmmakers, game developers and other content creators.
  • Resemble AI • Create dynamic and unique voice content

Voice Cloning Use Cases

🔮 Predictions

☁️ Opportunities

🏔️ Risks

🔑 Key Lessons

  • Voice cloning helps you create audio content at scale. You can turn books, scripts and articles into audiobooks, podcasts and videos. All at once.
  • You can reach new audiences. Some people prefer to listen than to read. Others prefer to listen in their first language.

🔥 Hot Takes

  • We’ll be able to choose our favorite speakers as audiobook narrators.
  • Family members and friends will become “immortal”. We’ll train AI on text messages, emails and conversations with them. Then use voice cloning to preserve their voices. HereAfter AI and MindBank let people chat with the virtual you.

😠 Haters

“How can I prevent my voice from being cloned? This tech lets anybody use it without my consent.”
Don’t ever speak in public. A better solution is to add safeguards to voice cloning tools such as live reading. Podcastle asks to record 70 short sentences directly in the app. Only account owners can do that.

“Voice cloning will make voice-over jobs less relevant.”
True. AI can narrate content faster and cheaper than professional voice actors.

“Modern tools such as Adobe Podcast make it easier to record audio without the right setup.”
You still need a decent setup for them to work properly. They won’t help if you record yourself on the construction site.

It’s illegal to clone artists’ voices to make music.”
Copyright laws are tricky. Some say that an artist’s voice, style or flow is not protected by copyright. Courts say that using a widely known voice to boost sales of a product is a tort. Time will tell what position regulators will take.

“Why would I pay for a cloned voice if I can clone it myself?
You need permission to use them commercially. Corporations are good at striking copyrighted content. Dae Lims made songs with the voices of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They were taken down by Universal Music Group.

🔗 Links

  1. Best AI Voice Generator • Tutorial on how to clone a voice with ElevenLabs.
  2. Voice Cloning Guide • Official voice cloning guide by ElevenLabs.
  3. Create a Magical Audiobook Experience • How to create an audiobook with AI voices.

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🙏 Thanks

Thanks to Kevin, Alex Doda, Maciej Cupial, Stewart Townsend, Nicolò Borghi, Darren Travel and Meiko S. Patton. We had a great time jamming on this report.

✏️ Emin researched and wrote this report. Dru researched and edited this report.

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  • (📈 Pro) How to trick banks with cloned voices?
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