🗨️ Better Prompts ⚖️ Mastering Negotiation 🗺️ Slowmading with Kids

This week’s Founder Finds includes:

🎡 5 creator flywheels
🗺️ Slowmading with family
🤖 An AI prompt writing tool
💳 What is expectations debt
💭 A list of ideas for founders
🧘 3 quick ways to lower stress
🧪 A copy guide for SaaS products
⚖️ A book about mastering negotiation
➡️ And more…

🪶 Remember This

Be undeniably good. No marketing effort can substitute for that.

🤓 Fav Finds

Tools, tweets and more from Trends Pro Members

🤖 Prompt Refine shared by Jordon McKoy
A tool to compare, organize and refine your ChatGPT prompts

🧪 SaaS Copy Guide shared by Tim Jones
A short guide on improving SaaS landing page copy

💭 37signals shared by Christa Clarke
A high-signal collection of ideas for founders

🔧 Try This

5 Creator Flywheels from Top Creators

Creator flywheels are growth loops that will help you build and grow your audience.

Here are 5 creator flywheels used by top creators to get more followers, customers and sales.

🌟 Founder of the Week

Hamed Mohammadpour

“Entrepreneurship is hard and having motivated, ambitious people around is very helpful. The Trends Pro Community and reports are top-notch. I’m learning a lot from each of them.”

Hamed is building Dolores. This is an AI tool that makes stunning videos and podcasts at scale with a single prompt.

What’s your most important habit?
Meditating twice a day for 10-30 minutes.

What are you reading right now?
$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

The first one is about making irresistible offers and the second one is about communication. Both are crucial for any successful entrepreneur.

What product or service do you wish existed?
I love drinking tea but the tea brewing experience is subpar compared to coffee. The “Nespresso for Tea” (as a company, not tea capsules) is a missing opportunity for the part of the world that consumes tea but still brews it in the traditional way. I have started sketching the product and collecting feedback to see if anyone wants to bring this idea to life.

What product are you obsessively using right now?
ChatGPT. I use it to learn new things and do my work faster.

What are you bullish on?
Fusion energy. It has an incredible potential with less radioactive waste. It could provide a nearly limitless and clean energy source for generations to come.

A company I’m following in this space is Helion Energy. It raised funds from Sam Altman and Microsoft, aiming to go into production in 2027.

What are you bearish on?
Traditional education. It can’t keep up with the tech innovation and relies on outdated teaching methods. A more flexible and innovative education system with lifelong learning and an interdisciplinary approach is key for preparing people for the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. It’s about nurturing creativity, curiosity and skills that go beyond the classroom.

What’s your favorite Trends Report?
Working on a media generation tool, I can’t help but love the two relevant Trends reports: 📺 Faceless YouTube Channels and 🎙 Podcasts.

Exclusive Deal: Hamed is offering Trends.vc readers pre-launch access to Dolores and 40% off the Pro plan for 6 months. Use the code “TRENDS” in the referral field to claim.

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📘 Read This

Expectations Debt

Expectations are like a debt that must be repaid before you get any joy out of what you’re doing.

Your portfolio surged during a bubble, your company hit a huge valuation or you got a salary that exceeds your skills. It feels great… 

But reality will catch up.

Expectations debt is repaid in the form of self-doubt and crushed morale. When you understand that, you become careful about what you wish for.

  • Companies should want the valuation they deserve and not a penny more.
  • Workers should want a salary that matches their skill and nothing more.
  • Families should want a lifestyle they can sustain and nothing higher.

🎧 Listen To

3 Quick Ways to Lower Stress at Work

Taking a quick break to lower your stress level can boost your productivity.

  • Drink water: It has natural calming properties
  • Go for walk: This leads to better mood and relaxation
  • Look out the window: Natural light will lower eye strain and anxiety

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🗺️ Mac Martine wrote a viral tweet about slowmading with his family

✍️ Marc Fletcher launched Owndraft

🤖 Eddie Forson launched an AI feature for EnVsion

🛠️ Frank Jones hosted a workshop on Rapid Prototyping AI Tools

🧠 Frank Jones and Renae Gregoire unlocked Trends.vc Masterminds by reaching 30-day standup streaks

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