Email Courses: Types, Tips, Examples

What’s an email course?

An email course is a type of online course broken down into a series of lessons, each delivered in a separate email.

What are the major types of email courses?






What are the 7 most popular subjects that email courses cover?


Business and finance:

Personal development:

Health and wellness:

Writing and publishing:

Technology and programming:

Creative arts:

What are the benefits of email courses for creators?

  1. Email courses help you find and engage with your ideal customers by offering valuable content that fits their needs and interests.
  2. By offering free, high-quality content through an email course, you can build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  3. Email courses are an effective lead generation tool, as students will give their contacts to sign up. Which you can use to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers by upselling higher-end offers.
  4. You can build personal bonds with students by sending regular emails and engaging with them.
  5. Email courses are great for repurposing existing content, such as blog posts, books, videos and more complex courses. Which lets you spend less time and energy on building an email course.
  6. Email courses are scalable. They can be automated to send lessons to thousands of students without additional time or resources.

What are the benefits of email courses for students?

  1. Email courses are flexible as they are delivered directly to students’ inboxes. Which makes them accessible anytime, anywhere. Students can also learn at their own pace by studying the lesson now or later.
  2. Many email courses are free or low-cost. This makes it easier for students to learn new skills without investing in expensive, complex courses.
  3. Email courses deliver content in bite-sized lessons, making it easier for students to learn and retain information.
  4. Email courses often have exercises or resources that help participants practice what they learn.
  5. Some email courses let students engage with each other and the instructor via dedicated communities, social media groups or simple email replies.

What are the 7 top tips for creating an email course?

  1. Define your audience: Define your target audience, their interests, needs and ultimate goals.
  2. Choose a clear and specific topic: Focus on a clear and specific topic that is relevant to your target audience.
  3. Break content into bite-sized pieces: Send content in bite-sized pieces that are easy for participants to digest and apply.
  4. Include actionable content and resources: Add actionable content and resources to help students practice what they learned. This may boost engagement and student success.
  5. Encourage interaction and engagement: Let students interact with each other and with you as the instructor via dedicated communities, social media groups or simple email replies.
  6. Stick to a schedule: Informational courses can be short. Practical courses should give more time between the lessons to complete tasks. This will help to establish a routine for participants and keep them engaged throughout the course.
  7. Follow up and follow through: After the end of the course, follow up with students to collect feedback and ensure that they have achieved their desired outcomes. This will help to build more trust and give insights for improving future email courses.

What are the top 7 most popular email courses?

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