Prompt Engineering: Advanced Prompting, Use Cases, The Future of Programming

“The hottest new programming language is English.” – Andrej Karpathy

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❓ What You’ll Learn

  • How will filmmakers use prompts?
  • What is role-playing?
  • What is advanced prompting?
  • What are the key parts of a prompt?
  • How to guide AI to do complex tasks?
  • What are the top prompt engineering use cases?
  • How to build prompt templates?
  • What are 100+ role-playing prompts for ChatGPT?

💎 Why It Matters

The number of programmers just increased from 26 million to 8 billion.

🔍 Problem

You need to learn how to direct AI.

💡 Solution

Prompt engineering helps you get accurate and reliable results.

🏁 Players

Prompt Engineers

Prompt Engineering Tools

Prompt Engineering Use Cases

  • Programming • Write, test and debug code
  • Writing • Find writing prompts, generate stories and perfect your writing style
  • Research • Find, analyze and cite scientific papers
  • Image Generation • Generate abstract and real-life objects and settings
  • Search Engine Optimization • Research keywords and write SEO-optimized articles
  • Marketing • Build marketing strategies

🔮 Predictions

  • We’ll use text-to-audio models to create music. We’ll prompt the style, tempo, instrumentation and more.
    • WavTool lets you use prompts to make, edit and compose tracks.
    • MusicLM is an unreleased text-to-music model by Google that can generate consistent short and long tracks.
    • Cassette lets you create royalty-free music by prompting genre, mood, length, instrumentation and more.
  • Prompt hackathons will help to find new prompt writing techniques. This will boost creativity, innovation and adoption of prompt engineering.

☁️ Opportunities

🏔️ Risks

  • Hallucinations • ChatGPT lies. It accused a law professor of harassment and cited a fake article as evidence. You may miss inaccuracies or inconsistencies if you don’t know what a quality answer looks like.
  • Platform Risk • OpenAI’s rate limits can block you in the middle of solving problems.

🔑 Key Lessons

  • A prompt consists of the task, instructions, context and parameters. “Task” is an action. “Instructions” are the steps needed to do the “task”. “Context” helps to understand the background and the end goal of a “task”. “Parameters” are settings that directly affect the result.
  • Use detailed prompts to do complex tasks. Share specific context, format and style that the result should have. Justin Fineberg says if your prompt is only one sentence long, your output is never going to be good.

🔥 Hot Takes

😠 Haters

“Prompt engineering is not programming.”
Backend-GPT is a language model that handles database and backend business logic. Similar to programming languages, you can prompt functions to work with data. Anyway, it’s too early to say that prompt engineering is programming. That’s why it’s a hot take.

“Prompt engineering will become obsolete once AI learns how to build its own prompts.”
We’re on track to this. AI can perfect itself without relying on human guidance. Tools like AutoGPT turn AI into an autonomous prompt building and execution robot.

“Tools built on top of APIs are just wrappers. They have no moat and can’t form a sustainable business.”
This critique has been around since the release of GPT-3. Danny Postma says if you can generate years of revenue in weeks or months, seize the opportunity.

“Marketplaces are winner-take-most markets. Why would we need more prompt marketplaces?”
These are micro-marketplaces which can optimize for niche use cases and audiences. While a micro-marketplace might not be the best option for most users, it’s best for some. That’s what matters.

🔗 Links

  1. Introduction to Prompt Engineering • Learn how prompts work.
  2. Framework for Reusable AI Prompts • Build reusable prompt templates.
  3. Awesome ChatGPT Prompts • 100+ role-playing prompts for ChatGPT.

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🙏 Thanks

Thanks to Kevin Deol, Reme Ekoh, Katt Risen, Simon Daley, Ivan Zografski, Maciej Cupial, Darren Travel, Holger Sindbæk, Kevin Galang, Josh Kubicki, Stewart Townsend, Byron Wilson and Bernardt J. Vogel. We had a great time jamming on this report.

✏️ Emin researched and wrote this report. Dru researched and edited this report.

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  • (📈 Pro) How to piggyback on popular AI models?
  • (📈 Pro) How to build a prompt writing course?
  • (📈 Pro) What is Prompts-as-a-Service?
  • (📈 Pro) How to format inputs and results?
  • (📈 Pro) What is adversarial prompting?
  • (📈 Pro) How to use advanced image generation parameters?
  • (📈 Pro) How to turn ChatGPT into a prompt engineer?
  • (📈 Pro) What are chained prompts?
  • (📈 Pro) How can scientists use prompts to make new discoveries?
  • (📈 Pro) How to turn text into 3D models?
  • (📈 Pro) What makes AI tell lies?
  • (📈 Pro) How to make $200,000 with an AI-written ebook?
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