Shopify Plugins: Referral Programs, Productized Services, Organic Growth

“Because of Shopify, the problem we have to solve is what to build, not how to build.” – Mukul Chaware

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โ“ What You’ll Learn

  • How to personalize customer support?
  • What is virtual shopping?
  • How to boost your chances of success?
  • How to boost your sales?
  • How to build trust?
  • How to optimize app store listing?
  • How to get featured by Shopify?
  • How to grow faster with less risk?
  • How to keep up with Shopify API updates?
  • How to stair-step your way to success?

๐Ÿ’Ž Why It Matters

Shopify has 1,750,000 merchants and only 8,000 apps.

๐Ÿ” Problem

Each merchant has unique needs that Shopify canโ€™t fulfill on its own.

๐Ÿ’ก Solution

Shopify apps fill unaddressed needs by allowing merchants to customize their stores.

๐Ÿ Players

Shopify Apps

  • BlogHandy โ€ข Build a SEO-optimized blog for your store
  • Stackend โ€ข Add social features such as live shopping, user profiles and more
  • Klaviyo โ€ข Smart email marketing and SMS automation
  • Bevi Design โ€ข Animated pop-ups
  • Rewind Backups โ€ข Backup your storeโ€™s items, themes and more
  • Tidio โ€ข Live chat and chatbots for customer support
  • DSers โ€ข Place orders, find suppliers and import products from AliExpress

๐Ÿ”ฎ Predictions

  • Shopify stores will use ChatGPT for personalized customer support. This will boost engagement, conversion and sales.

โ˜๏ธ Opportunities

๐Ÿ”๏ธ Risks

  • Platform Risk โ€ข Shopify apps are subject to Shopifyโ€™s outages and policies.
  • Competitor Risk โ€ข Youโ€™ll have to convince customers that your app is better than competitors.
  • Compatibility โ€ข Shopify apps can conflict with each other. This can break store operations such as order processing, inventory management and more.

๐Ÿ”‘ Key Lessons

๐Ÿ”ฅ Hot Takes

  • Those who copy successful paid apps and offer freemium alternatives will grow faster with less risk.
  • Excessive customization leads to confusion and poor customer experience. Merchants want to be able to quickly set up the app and do the job.
  • Free Shopify apps devalue the marketplace and make it harder for paid apps to survive. Why would merchants pay for your discount spin wheel if they can get it for free?

๐Ÿ˜  Haters

โ€œShopify updates its API every 3 months. I donโ€™t want to deal with constant maintenance.โ€
Shopify gives you 9 months to adapt your Shopify app. If you fail to do so, Shopify will switch your app to the oldest supported API version to lower the chances of breaking your app.

โ€œShopify can take me out of business by building similar products. Sidekick can kill all AI-powered apps.โ€
Thatโ€™s part of the platform risk. While ecosystems help you grow, nothing stops them from adding their own tools.

โ€œCompetitors can see the reviews to spot the pros and cons of my Shopify app. This makes it easier to compete with me.โ€
You canโ€™t stop copycats but you can build an unlisted app. Though this will lower your reach and social proof. Stop worrying about competitors and focus on building an app that is so great your customers will feel dumb switching to anything else.

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  2. How to Build a Shopify App โ€ข In-depth guide on building Shopify apps.
  3. Stair-Stepping with Plugins โ€ข Benefits and risks of building on existing ecosystems.

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๐Ÿ™ Thanks

Thanks to Vikash Kumar Prajapati, Dan Schoonmaker, Uwe Dreissigacker, Eamonn Carey, Sam Schrup and Tim Jones. We had a great time jamming on this report.

โœ๏ธ Emin researched and wrote this report. Dru researched and edited this report.

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