Virtual Meetups: Platforms, Hybrid Meetups, Virtual Conferences

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🔍 Problem

Time and geography can prevent interesting people from meeting.

💡 Solution

Virtual meetups remove geographical boundaries and reduce time costs in meeting regularly. Now you can find your tribe in a world of billions.

🏁 Players

Virtual Meetups



🔮 Predictions

  • Zoom (or SendBird) will become a popular backend for niche virtual meetup apps. (Predicted by Villi Iltchev)
  • Hybrid meetups will become common. My mastermind (pictured above) works this way. Some of us meet in Atlanta. Then we jump on a video call with others around the world.
  • Physical meetups will not disappear. They serve a specific purpose. Like dine-in restaurants and physical gyms versus cloud kitchens and remote fitness platforms.

☁️ Opportunities

  • Teach a course on how to organize and grow a virtual meetup.
  • Start a virtual happy hour around your brand. The liquor brand Haus recently made a smart play.
  • Build a productized service to edit recorded video from virtual meetups. These assets can be used for promotion and/or education.
  • Build a tool to collect votes during virtual meetups and drive the agenda based on feedback.
  • Find virtual meetups based on your interests. Trends subscriber, James Eldersveld, joins no-code meetups around the world from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Build for virtual meetups. I built it. Check out

😠 Haters

“It’s not the same as meeting in person.”
You’re right. In some ways it’s better. In some ways it’s worse.

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