Trends #0001 — Cloud Kitchens

Food delivery apps are creating the chance for delivery-only restaurants to thrive.

🔍 Problem

Traditional restaurants will lose in the delivery game unless they optimize.

🏁 Players

Cloud Kitchen Providers

Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Groups

Cloud Kitchen Dropshipper

🔮 Predictions

  • Casual dining will become harder to find.
  • Most restaurants will focus on efficiency or experience.
  • We will cook for the experience instead of cost savings.
  • More apartments will be built without full kitchens.
  • Delivery-only restaurants will evolve faster as setup costs drop.

☁️ Opportunities

  • Rent cloud kitchen space
  • Build cloud kitchen equipment
  • Start a delivery-only restaurant
  • Start an upscale restaurant
  • Make packaging for delivery restaurants
  • Build software to track and improve delivery-only restaurant operations

😠 Haters

“This isn’t new. Takeout/delivery joints have existed forever.”
Yes, but, recent logistic improvements and friction reduction takes this to another level.

🔗 Links

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