No-Code: Faster Development, Scalability, Leverage

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🔍 Problem

Developers are lazy and curious. Repetitive tasks annoy them.

💡 Solution

No Code tools help you build things without writing code. Blogs, forums, mobile apps, online stores and a lot more can be built without knowing how to code. 

The life of a no-code tool starts with developers solving their own problems.

Most no-code tools share this path 👇

  1. Developers write reusable functions to write less code
  2. Then they create frameworks to write even less code
  3. Then they deploy APIs to help others write less code
  4. Then they create no code tools to help others write no code

🏁 Players

No-Code Products

No-Code Makers

No-Code Tools

🔮 Predictions

  • No-Code Developer (or some variation) will become a common job title.
  • No-Code will become a gateway drug for makers to start coding.
  • No-Code ➡ Low-Code ➡ Code — New businesses will follow this path. Mature companies will have all three.

☁️ Opportunities

  • Build a no-code tool to create chrome extensions
  • Host a no-code virtual summit
  • Host a no-code hackathon
  • Join a no-code community
  • Start a no-code blog or newsletter
  • Start a no-code investment fund
  • Build a no-code agency
  • Move to the no-code capital of the world. Atlanta.

😠 Haters

“Atlanta isn’t the no-code capital of the world.”
Of course it is.

“You can’t build a business on no-code.”
I wrote Million Dollar No Code Businesses to dismiss this. It doesn’t matter what we think because it has already happened.

“No-Code can’t scale.”
Most no-code tools can scale but it doesn’t matter. Scaling isn’t the hard part. Traction is. Once you validate demand, I’ll come scale it for you. 💰👀

“No-Code will eliminate developer jobs.”
I won’t argue. DM me a falsifiable theory and your confidence level. Let’s make a bet.

🔗 Links

  1. CodeLess — A podcast by Edmund Amoye
  2. Let’s clear some stuff up about ‘no-code’ — A tweetstorm by Ben Tossell
  3. No-Code Coffee — A newsletter by Michael Gill
  4. The Rise of “No Code” — An examination of the no-code movement by Ryan Hoover
  5. NoCode Camp — A mastermind by KP and Joe Brown
  6. MakerPad — An education platform by Ben Tossell
  7. Codeless Ventures — An investment fund by Michael Gill
  8. No Code List — A list of tools by Drew Thomas
  9. Nocode Rumble — A challenge by Sako and Michael Gill
  10. No Code Founders — A community of makers by Joshua Tiernan