Trends #0033 — No-Code

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🔍 Problem

Recreating wheels (and apps) wastes time, money and energy.

💡 Solution

No-Code tools help you solve well-understood problems. Blogs, online stores, games, marketplaces, mobile apps and more can be built without writing code.

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🔮 Predictions

  • Using no-code will be a competitive advantage. Saving time, money and energy. Allowing you to build (and change) faster and cheaper than competitors.
  • No-code leads to bundling and unbundling. Sharetribe, Anchor, Podia and Substack are monolithic. Studiotime, Swimmy and Wheelprice are specific.

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🔑 Key Lessons

😠 Haters

“No-Code?! There’s actually code.”
But you aren’t writing it. Some hate this term. But alternatives have too many syllables to win a marketing war. Haters complain about “no-code” and make it more popular.

“No-code will eliminate developer jobs.”
Developers will spend less time on CRUD apps. And more time on hard problems. Michael Gill and Yaro Bagriy use no-code tools to boost productivity.

“All problems can’t be solved with no-code.”
Correct. Absolutes are usually false.

“No-code tools can’t scale.”
Most can. But this is a good problem.

“Don’t call your agency a ‘no-code’ agency.”
Some search for no-code agencies in need of speed and accessibility. Build two funnels with the same service. Capture both segments.

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