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๐Ÿ” Problem

Recreating wheels (and apps) wastes time, money and energy.

๐Ÿ’ก Solution

No-Code tools help you solve well-understood problems. Blogs, online stores, games, marketplaces, mobile apps and more can be built without writing code.

๐Ÿ Players




๐Ÿ”ฎ Predictions

  • Using no-code will be a competitive advantage. Saving time, money and energy. Allowing you to build (and change) faster and cheaper than competitors.
  • No-code leads to bundling and unbundling. Sharetribe, Anchor, Podia and Substack are monolithic. Studiotime, Swimmy and Wheelprice are specific.

โ˜๏ธ Opportunities

๐Ÿ”‘ Key Lessons

๐Ÿ˜  Haters

“No-Code?! There’s actually code.”
But you aren’t writing it. Some hate this term. But alternatives have too many syllables to win a marketing war. Haters complain about “no-code” and make it more popular.

“No-code will eliminate developer jobs.”
Developers will spend less time on CRUD apps. And more time on hard problems. Michael Gill and Yaro Bagriy use no-code tools to boost productivity.

“All problems can’t be solved with no-code.”
Correct. Absolutes are usually false.

“No-code tools can’t scale.”
Most can. But this is a good problem.

“Don’t call your agency a ‘no-code’ agency.”
Some search for no-code agencies in need of speed and accessibility. Build two funnels with the same service. Capture both segments.

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๐Ÿ™ Thanks

Thanks to Samuel Thompson, Seth Kramer, Edmund Amoye, Max Haining, Ben Tossell, Ash, Yoroomie, Mark Magnuson, Dan Parry, Lacey Kesler, Isaiah Weaver and Steven Gunn for their help with this report.

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