Micro-SaaS: Digital Products, Platform Risk, Micro-XaaS

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🔍 Problem

“If you build something for everyone, it works for no one.”

Big SaaS companies solve lots of problems for lots of people.

💡 Solution

Micro-SaaS solves a specific problem for a specific group.

🏁 Players

Dependent Micro-SaaS
Built on a platform. Platform risk is concentrated.

Integrated Micro-SaaS
Works across platforms. Diversification lowers platform risk.

Independent Micro-SaaS

🔮 Predictions

☁️ Opportunities

😠 Haters

“Independent Micro-SaaS works with platforms.”
Some do. But they don’t depend on platforms.

“What about Medium-SaaS?”
Don’t take these definitions literally. They are heuristics. Think grey.

“Integrated Micro-SaaS is maintenance hell.”
There’s no free lunch. The tradeoff is lower platform risk. Independent Micro-SaaS avoids platform risk. And distribution gains from ecosystems. Like Shopify’s App Store.

“Everything has platform risk.”
Maybe systematic risk. Ever-present. It almost isn’t worth talking about.

(📈 Pro) “Gmail’s security audits are justified.”

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