Trends #0057 — AI-Generated Content

Animation of pixels morphing on screen to vaguely resemble faces

“But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife.”

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Why It Matters

AI-generated content is being used for good and evil.
To create conflict, incite violence and deceive. 
To entertain, design and increase productivity. 
AI is amoral. It amplifies intent.

🔍 Problem

Humans are predictably irrational. We are built to replicate. Not to reason

💡 Solution

AI-generated content takes us from the era of limited to infinite leverage
Making connections that we miss, learning faster and improving over time.

🏁 Players





  • GPT-3 • An advanced language model
  • IdeasAI • AI-generated startup ideas 
  • Shortly • Complete your thoughts
  • • Create content briefs and answer questions

🔮 Predictions

  • Production costs will drop. Watch David Beckham “speak” nine languages.
  • Actors and artists will perform posthumously. New songs and films can be made with training data. “Immortality” boosts the value of estates as alternative assets.
  • Tools like Synthesia will lead to more million-dollar, one-person businesses. The need to master (or understand) underlying technologies is reduced. Leading to smaller firms.
  • Pirated personalities will be used to endorse products, narrate books and more. 

☁️ Opportunities

🔑 Key Lessons

  • Media is being democratized. If no-code makes you a developer. AI-generated content makes you a producer.
  • Code, low-code and no-code give you limited leverage. They require direction. AI-generated content gives you unlimited leverage
  • Humans are predictably irrational. For good reason. Evolution doesn’t reward rationality. It rewards replication. Irrationality isn’t surprising. It’s expected.

😠 Haters

Photoshop has been around for years. So what?”
Doctored images fool us. Higher-fidelity fakes are more convincing.

“People’s likenesses will be abused.”
That’s the path we’re on. Create to combat it. What’s the blue check version of video? Will we “NFTfy” everything to prove authenticity?

“What about biases in AI?”
Twitter took from chill to racist in one day. AI is a sponge for society’s ills. 

“Deep fake detection algorithms will protect us.”
Deep fakes will improve with detection efforts. GANs model an arms race. Sensity, a deep fake detection platform, is a test layer. Pass and it’s ready to release. 

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  2. A Russian AI ‘Graphic Designer’ Fooled the World… for a Year • How an AI “designer” charged $1,000+ for logos. 
  3. We Recreated Joe Rogan’s Voice Using Artificial Intelligence • A look at what’s possible with voice cloning. Popular personalities will be pirated. 

Thanks to Stewart Townsend (Channel as a Service), Uwe Dreissigacker (InvoiceBerry), ShashankLwany, Logan JohnsonAbhishek Verma (, Emmanuel Simon (IdeaGarden), Sam Schrup (TextRetailer), Neeraj Hirani, Lu Doan (Not a Community), Vishal Srivastava (Trainedge), Yolanda Stephens (WomenToDone), John Bardos (, Daniel Wulf (Wurst Circle), Paul Martin (Lyrico) and Christophe Williams (Cedar Labs). We had a great time jamming on this report. 

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